The Future of Finance

ITMF is an investment and fintech company that aims to be the largest provider of mutual crypto-funds in the world. We also aim to become a people's bank that everyone can own a part of through our roadmap.

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The problem statement_

Cryptocurrencies are speculative, just like Forex. There are only speculators and traders. There is no motivation for developers to manage the value of the network.


Wants value-based crypto management

Cryptocurrencies are too volatile and there too many to keep track. I need to be awake 24/7 to keep up with the trends and stay profitable in my investments.


Never holds crypto more than a day

Cryptocurrencies are not meaningfully used for everyday transactions yet. It's not competitive against the ease and rewards of other cashless payment options.

Zhang Wei

Uses credit cards for cash rebates

How we plan to solve it_

Step One_

Establish Crypto-Corporate Governance

When you own ITCO, you own a part of ITMF. You can send it to anyone you like, hold and take part in corporate matters by voting, or benefit from corporate benefits like buybacks, dividends and issuances.

Why it's important for the People's Bank

Crypto-corporate governance decentralizes ownership to everyone that has ITCO. In doing so, shareholders interests are protected.

ITMF issues ITCO

Through an ICO, ITMF will use the financing to develop its technologies in blockchain, fund management and machine learning.

ITMF manages ITCO

Just like shares in a publicly listed company, ITMF can manage its value and expand through coin buybacks, dividends and issuances.

1 ITCO = 1 Vote

When you have ITCO, your holdings represent share ownership in ITMF. You get to participate in ITMF corporate matters.

ITCO has no fees

With zero fees for network transactions, ITCO is absolutely free to transfer assets to your friends and family or between businesses.

Step Two_

Create Crypto-Funds

Crypto-markets are fast paced and highly volatile. Our research shows that people want exposure to crypto and not the added risk and complexity of managing cryptocurrency portfolios. ITMF is building risk-averse crypto-funds that anyone will be able to invest and grow their wealth from.

Why it's important for the People's Bank

Crypto-funds generate revenue for ITMF through fee income and brings more people to our userbase for greater adoption.

Fund for everyone

ITMF has low trade commissions and initial investment requirements to get started with, and institutional share class funds for investors.

Sectorized Funds

ITMF funds will sectorize the crypto-market to reflect different industries and take advantage of industry specific trends and movements.

Market Advantage

From machine learning, algorithmic trading to fundamental analysis and private meetings with lead devs, ITMF will be ahead.

Hedged against the dollar

ITMF is ready to move assets instantly into forex and back into crypto and stay ahead in any market condition, 24/7 all year round.

Step Three_

Mature the ITCO Network

ITCO is has no network fees, which makes banking activities like transfers and payments free and instant. ITMF goes a step further and partners with commerce businesses to adopt ITMF funds for greater passive income and integration with point of sales systems for credit card-like benefits.

Why it's important for the People's Bank

Liquidity from transactions coming from consumers and producers add to the stability of ITCO and brings revenue through ITMF funds and adoption.

Commerce Businesses

Commerce businesses can integrate unutilized income from payments directly into ITMF funds for passive capital growth

Credit Card-like Rewards

Commerce fundholders can use their accounts to reward their customers after every payment transaction

Physical P.O.S

Instant and zero fee network makes ITCO an ideal candidate for physical point of sales systems.

Managed Value

ITCO benefits from being a crypto-security and crypto-currency, making it a stable asset for everyday transactions.

Final Step_

Tranforming into People's Bank

When steps 1 - 3 are fulfiled, ITMF will be in the perfect position to pivot into becoming a people's bank and provide almost all traditional banking services through ITCO, where everyone who uses ITCO, are owners of ITMF.

ITMF is not a bank now, what is it?

Before ITMF can truly call itself a bank, it is an investment and fintech company that aims to be the largest provider of mutual crypto-funds in the world.

Banking the Unbanked

2 Billion people are unbanked or underbanked. We can help lower the number where traditional banks cannot.

Social Lending

With ITMF's network of investors and businesses, ITMF's value ecosystem makes it ideal for social lending to take place.

Corporate Lending

ITMF can also providing lending services through the socal lending platform and earn from the interest.

Smart Contracts Layer

ITMF may create a smart contracts layer to further extend ITMF's banking products and services.