how it began_

ITMF was born out of many online conversations over the state of cryptocurrencies and how it can become a mainstream currency for everyone and a global security for investors. The conversation between the founders very quickly grew into a business model that covers all facets of a cryptocurrency, governance, utility and adoption.

ITMF is creating a value ecosystem that comprises of a global currency, mutual fund and rewards program solution. Users can transfer monies for free from all over the world, and investors can benefit from equivalent shareholding stake in ITMF through our currency (also a security) or by investing in our mutual funds.

ITMF is headquartered in Singapore, the financial capital of South-East Asia and incorporated in Seychelles.

mission and values_

ITMF believes that its value ecosystem will bring the future of business to our clients. Blockchain technology has the ability to change the way we manage our finances and run our businesses. With the right strategy and execution, we can make it happen.

We want to usher our clients into the future of business, improve their financial livelihood, while forever shaping the world with unprecedented value.


Alan Sugano


Alan is a recently retired CEO of an international company specializing in sales and distribution with offices all over the world. He is now out of retirement and back for more.

Raymond Luo


An entrepreneur and strategist with background experiences in computer science, patent law, 3D printing and internet marketing. In his free time he brews his own cold drip coffee.