Initial Coin Offering

Details and Information

Total Coin Supply at Launch: 100 Billion
Total Coin allocated for ICO: ~50 Billion
Price per Lot: $0.1 USD per 100 ITCO
Minimum Order: $1.0 USD
KYC Verification: Yes
Country of Incorporation: Seychelles
Securities Register: Lithuania
Securities Approval: Pending
Headquarters: Singapore


Early 2019


ITMF is an investment and fintech company that aims to be the largest provider of mutual crypto-funds in the world. ITMF also aims to create a global currency through ITCO, ITMFs crypto-currency, by offering its crypto-funds to commerce businesses and replicating the benefits of traditional banking, cashless payments to create a competitive offering to consumers.

ITCO is more than a crypto-currency, it is also a crypto-security that represents share ownership in the company which empowers global investors to shareholder rights and benefits.

Mission Statement

ITMF aims to create a new financial paradigm through decentralized ownership of banking and finanical services through a unique combination of crypto-security and crypto-currency to prioritize the interests of its owners and users.

We aim:

  • To become the largest provider of mutual crypto-funds;
  • To replicate interbanking activities with zero network transfer fees;
  • To create partnerships with commerce businesses though crypto-funds to promote ITCO purchase and payments;
  • To allow ITCO coinholders to participate in ITMF corproate matters by voting on the ITCO network;
  • To create a social lending platform and connect ITCO investors and ITCO businesses; and
  • To transform into a fully-fledged crypto-bank owned by everyone who is an ITCO coinholder.