We're just getting started. 2019 is all about building the foundations of ITMF, developing our core products and services and forming a talent team and network of people to drive progress.

ICO Launch & Completion

#1 - Q4 2018

ITCO is issued out with desktop wallets for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.

Crypto-Exchange Adoption

#2 - Q1 2019

ITCO will be open to market trading to the first batch of crypto-exchanges. This will be ongoing thereafter.

Mobile Wallets and Voting Features

#3 - Q1 2019

ITCO mobile wallets will be created for Android and iOS devices. All wallets will be updated with built-in voting features.

HQ Setup and Project Teaming

#4 - Q1 2019

ITMF HQ in Singapore opens with hiring of project teams to focus on different aspects of ITMF's agenda.

Navigating Regulatory Waters

#5 - Q2 2019

Consultation with financial and legal experts for best practices and compliance for worldwide adoption of ITMF products and services.

Technology Build and Purchase

#6 - Q2 2019

Project managers will identify softwares that suit ITMF's functional requirements for crypto-fund management and begin backtesting proposed funds.

ITCO Payment Gateways & Processors

#7 - Q2 2019

Reference plugins for accepting ITCO in ecommerce transactions and partnership for adoption with third-party payment processors.

Third-Party & Hardware Wallet Integration

#8 - Q2 2019

ITMF will work with third-party multi-cryptocurrency wallet services and hardware wallet provides to adopt ITCO to their offerings.

ITMF First Fund Launch

#9 - Q3 2019

ITMF's first batch of funds will be available for investment. Investors will be able to deposit via ITCO, BTC or Fiat.

ITMF's First Crypto AGM

#10 - Q4 2019

ITMF will have it's first crypto-based AGM where voters will be able to vote on corporate matters through their wallets.

ITMF More Fund Launches

#11 - Q4 2019

After the first batch of funds have rolled out, ITMF will introduce more specialized funds to cater to all types of portfolios.

Commerce Fundholder & Rewards Program

#12 - Q4 2019

ITMF will begin developing the system for commerce fundholders and reward programs.


We are in launch mode. ITMF expects 2020 to be all about generating revenue and increasing adoption in ITMF products and services. We may even see our first dividend issuance in 2020/2021.

Commerce Fundholder Launch


ITMF will begin to enrol commerce businesses to sign up for commerce fundholder accounts and rewards program for their customers.

Point-of-Sales Integration


With ITCO mobile wallets, instant transactions and commerce fundholder offerings, ITMF will explore POS systems for physical payments in ITCO.

Credit Card Integration


ITMF will also explore crypto-credit card integrations with existing card providers with possible partnership with ITMF funds and reward programs.

The Future

This is the part where we make the conversion from an investment and fintech company, into the people's bank. All prior actions lead to building the core foundations of fully functioning, crypto-bank that is owned by everyone who owns ITCO.

Banking the Unbanked


ITMF will explore ways to tap into the unbanked market to provide banking-like services without requiring a physical establishment for remote locations.

Global Social Lending


ITMF will start to create a global marketplace where verified businesses, investors who have passed ITMF's KYC/AML protocols to lend and borrow ITCO.

Smart Contracts Layer


ITMF may consider smart contracts platform for future banking and finance related products and services.