Business Model

Integrating revenue in the value ecosystem

The business model of ITMF is derived from the value ecosystem, which serves to integrate revenue into every aspect of the ecosystem while solving fundamental issues that ITMF has identified.

Crypto-Corporate Governance

Indirect revenue generation through cost reduction and strategic buyout of competition

Shareholder voting is an important democratized process in corporate governance to influence and the direction of the company. It is also a natural motivator for the directors to prioritize shareholder interest.

However, shareholder voting events are traditionally an expensive and often manual process that can otherwise be replaced by voting through your wallet. ITCO coinholders are also shareholders of ITMF. By integrating voting functionality within an easy to use GUI wallet, all votes are immutable and final.

By reducing the cost of the voting process, ITMF's bottom line is increased, and decisions or surveys can be democratized to coinholder votes and create deeper involvement with ITMF stakeholders.

By creating a crypto-currency and crypto-security network, ITMF will run ITCO similar to stocks in a public company where the management of the value of ITCO is strategically important. This management also benefits coinholders by way of coin buybacks and dividends. It also allows ITMF to issue more coins for strategic growth and expansion plans, such as raising funds to acquire competitors- which generate more revenue (with less competition in the market)

An added effect to running the ITCO network similar to securities is that it avoids the inflationary and deflationary cycle of cryptocurrencies and its drawbacks, which makes ITCO an ideal platform for everyday transactions and a safe store of value.

Crypto-Fund Management

A globally accessible investment vehicle that grows wealth for everyone

ITMF crypto funds enable investors to gain exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies, without the challenges of buying, storing, safekeeping, monitoring and managing cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are complex assets require aspects of stock analysis and forex analysis due to the functions it has in real-world applications and the spendable (currency) aspect of crypto. Through the economies of scale, ITMF funds are able to actively monitor and manage cryptocurrencies (your investments) round the clock.

ITMF crypto funds will be purchasable through Fiat, BTC, and ITCO. These payment options make it easy for customers from all over the globe to invest in ITMF funds (that pass ITMF's KYC/AML protocols) regardless of the investor's local restrictions.

As part of ITMF's goal to create funds for everyone, ITMF will have a wide range of account types to cater to everyone from college students to institutional investors, each with their own fee structure. All accounts may opt for an ITMF Intelligent Advisory Plan which will digitally manage an account to their specific portfolio requirements. Larger accounts will have personalized access to a dedicated team of ITMF advisors and experts.


A cashless payments solution with crypto

ITCO's technology allows the network to operate ITCO transactions with zero fees. While this arrangement does not directly generate revenue, it will enable ITCO to mimic conventional fiat functionality in almost all everyday use cases such as inter-banking for transferring funds between friends and family, which would typically not have a charge imposed.

On the other hand, cross-border remittance and transfers will also benefit from ITCO's zero fees. In addition to stable currency prices (through crypto-corporate governance), this makes ITCO attractive to businesses.

The combination of conventional expectations of the everyday user of money and the attractiveness of ITCO as an alternative currency for businesses creates an end-to-end, consumer-to-producer environment that most cryptocurrencies have not adequately covered.

Building on a liquid and thriving ITCO market, ITMF sees an opportunity for commerce businesses to invest a portion of their unutilized capital through ITMF funds and grow their capital passively by automatically transferring ITCO payments directly to their ITMF fund accounts.

This unique arrangement would create new opportunities by allowing commerce businesses to create rewards programs from their ITMF fund account. The mutually beneficial scenario enables commerce businesses to use the growth of their funds to reward their customers with shares in their ITMF fund account, reducing the overall cost of the customer rewards program.

At the same time, the strategy above puts ITCO on par and competitives against many credit cards and cashless payment solutions that offer cashback rebates or rewards.