Crypto-Corporate Governance

Prioritization of shareholders value

ITMF considers ITCO a crypto-security that represents shareholding and ownership in ITMF, similar to a public company.

This unique arrange makes management of ITCO's value important to ITMF as outlined in Why ITMF cares about ITCO value

Table of Contents

Mission and Values
How ITMF and ITCO will be governed
ITCO Value Management
Coinholders' Rights

Mission and Values

That inform all policies and procedures

ITMF aims to create a new financial paradigm through decentralized ownership of banking and finanical services through a unique combination of crypto-security and crypto-currency to prioritize the interests of its owners and users.


How ITMF and ITCO will be governed

ITMF is committed to ensuring that our organisation and business are aligned to and support the delivery of fair dealing outcomes to everyone. The principle of dealing with our customers fairly, openly, honestly and honorably is central to our corporate culture and integrated into the business model.

ITMF will continue to take active measures to ensure the delivery of fair dealing outcomes to everyone who is a part of our network. ITMF has a strict Insider Trading Policy and are commited to a good conduct and upholding of our core values through the official Code of Ethics.

ITCO Value Management

Why ITMF cares about ITCO's value

As owners of a crypto-security, ITMF has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of its owners in its business, and market prices is one factor that ITMF monitors as a measure of its performance. It is worth nothing that ITCO is more than just a crypto-security, it is also a crypto-currency. This creates a unique dynamic where the ownership is decentralized by the liquidity of ITCO on multiple aspects that is not limited by any gateway besides internet service.

Financial Health

A healthy price can be a barometer for a company's financial health and performance.


A favorable price can allow a company to issue additional shares (coins) to fund expansion efforts.

Risk of Takeover

ITCO is a crypto-security, and low performance could result in a takeover due to lower overall market value.

Positive Press

Good price performance can translate to favorable press from financial and crypto analysts and the media.

Coinholders' Rights

Protection of minority coinholders' interests

Each ITCO coin is equivalent to a proxy share in ITMF. As such, owners of ITCO are considered shareholders in ITMF, henceforth known as "coinholders." As a coinholder, the equivalent share class of all ITCO is similar to ordinary shares with the following coinholder rights. The provisions hereunder are issued for the guidance of all internal and external parties concerned, between the Company and all its coinholders.

Voting Right

Coinholders may vote with their coins

Coinholders shall have the right to elect, remove and replace directors and vote on certain corporate acts, in accordance with the Corporation Code. A director shall not be removed without cause if it will deny minority coinholders of representation in the Board.

Pre-Emptive Right

Coinholders get priority on newly issued coins

All coinholders shall have the right to subscribe to new coins when they are issued, unless the same is denied in the Articles of Incorporation, or an amendment thereto, of the Company. The Articles of Incorporation shall lay down the specific rights and powers of the coinholders concerning the particular coins they hold.

Power of Inspection

Financial records will be publicly accessible

Subject to reasonable restrictions in accordance with the Corporation Code and jurisprudence, all coinholders shall be allowed to inspect the corporate books and records of the Company and shall be furnished with annual reports, including financial statements, without cost.

Right to Information

Corporate information will be publicly accessible

The coinholders shall be provided, upon request, with periodic reports which disclose personal and professional information about the directors and officers of the Company, and certain other matters such as the directors’ and officers’ holdings of the Company’s coins, dealings with the Company, and key officers of the Company.

The minority coinholders shall have the right to propose the holding of a coinholders’ meeting, and the right to propose items in the agenda of the meeting, provided that the items in the agenda are for legitimate business purposes. Legitimate business purposes shall include information on matters under the immediately succeeding subsection.

The minority coinholders shall have access to any and all non-sensitive, non-confidential information relating to matters for which the management is accountable for and should disclose to the coinholders.

Right to Dividends

Coins are backed by company assets

All coinholders shall have the right to receive cash or coin dividends, subject to the discretion of the Board.

Appraisal Right

Coins are backed by company assets

The coinholders shall have appraisal right or the right to dissent and demand payment of the fair value of their coins in case an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of the Company has the effect of changing or restricting the rights of any coinholders or class of coins, or of authorizing preferences in any respects superior to those of outstanding coins of any class, or of extending or shortening the term of corporate existence; in case of sale, lease, exchange, transfer, mortgage, pledge or other disposition of all or substantially all of the corporate property and assets as provided in the Corporation Code; and in case of merger or consolidation.

Definition of Terms

Board of Directors means the collegial body that exercises the corporate powers of the Company and conducts all business and controls or holds all property of the Company. The Board of Directors may sometimes be referred to as the “Board”.

Articles of incorporation means the certificate of incorporation that establishes the existence of a corporation.

Corporation Code refers to the Corporation Code of Seychelles.