Crypto-Fund Management

Passively grow your wealth through managed crypto-funds

ITMF mutual fund is the core business of ITMF that seeks to help lower investing risks in cryptocurrencies and reduce the cost of time, effort and fees in that come with managing your own investment.

ITCOs coinholders can become fundholders by purchasing shares in ITMF funds using ITCO. Alternative payment methods through fiat and bitcoin are accepted.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Funds
ITMF Fund Family
Investment Framework

Benefits of Funds

Built-in diversification of assets

ITMF funds are less risky than investing in individual cryptocurrencies

ITMF funds could include tens, hundreds, or even thousands of individual cryptocurrencies in a single fund. So if 1 cryptocurrency is doing poorly, there's a chance that another is doing well.

ITMF funds have a wide variety of investment options

ITMF funds give you access to a wide variety of investment options. You can invest broadly in the top 100 cryptocurrencies, or specialize in a few sectors of cryptocurrencies-- or anywhere in between.

ITMF funds are managed round the clock by professional portfolio managers

Crypto-markets never sleep. ITMF experts work in round the clock shifts to monitor cryptocurrency and forex markets to invest in, saving you time and effort.

ITMF funds take advantage of greater economies of scale

ITMF buys and sells large amounts of cryptocurrencies at a time, its transaction costs are lower than what an individual would pay for cryptocurrency transactions. ITMF may also have access to private ICO placements only available to institutional investors.

ITMF funds are easy to use

Many retail investors find difficulty in purchasing cryptocurrencies and securing their cryptocurrency wallets. ITMF manages the assets and takes the pain out of our investors hands.

ITMF Fund Family

Inital proposed funds for fundholders

ITMF will introduce a variety of funds specializing in different sectors and popular baskets of cryptocurrencies. The selection of funds will cater to fundholders with all types of investment goals and limit their exposure to sectors or baskets that they are interested.

Bitcoin Fund

The Bitcoin Fund is a simple and effective system that monitors the movement of money into and out of Bitcoin from fiat and alternate cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Fund seeks to outperform the overall performance of a non-fund Bitcoin account.

Market Leaders Top 10 Fund

The Market Leaders Fund is similar to the Bitcoin Fund with the inclusion of more crypto-market leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, LiteCoin, and Ripple. The Market Leaders Fund works with the top 10 cryptocurrencies in market share and trading volume.

Sectorized Funds

Banking and Fintech

Blockchain Integration Solutions

Commodity Backed Cryptocurrencies

Insurance and Health

Private and Fungible

Real Estate

Content Marketing

Supply Chain Management

ITMF Fundholder Requirements

In accordance to ITMF's Fund for Everyone, ITMF funds will have a low minimum investment requirement and low trading fees. Any Standard or Academic account can be upgraded to Private Investor account if the total investment across all ITMF funds totals up to 50,000 USD.


Min. Investment: 750 USD Trading: 6.95 USD

Schools & Universities

Min. Investment: 250 USD Trading Fee: 1.95 USD

Private Investors

Min. Investment: 50,000 USD

Institutional Investors

Min. Investment: 100,000 USD

ITMF Intelligent Advisory Program

Optional programs that enhance ITMF accounts

ITMF Intelligent Advisory program is a smart portfolio advisory tool that ITMF fund accounts can use to easily customize to their optimal asset-allocation strategy based on various factors such as the investor's goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and income.

ITMF Dedicated Advisory Program

Optional programs that enhance ITMF accounts

ITMF Dedicated Advisory program is available to Private Investor accounts and above. Managed by a team of dedicated advisors and experts, ITMF advisors and experts will provide ongoing guidance and investment support to the ITMF account.

Custom Funds

For institutional investors and commerce partners

If a portfolio of ITMF funds does not suit the specific requirements of institutional investors or commerce partners, ITMF can work to tailor a custom fund to fulfill the portfolio requirements and goals.

Investment Framework

The 5W1H approach to investing

ITMF employs the five W's and one H (5W1H) framework for analyzing existing and potential investments of each fund, similar to a seed investing framework with additional components for trade markets. The 5W1H Framework asks key questions that define the business and the market conditions that surround it and engages with key stakeholders of the assets.

The 5W1H Framework utilizes a team of business, market, and technological analysts, market, and algorithmic traders, as well as machine learning developers, to produce a proprietary investment rating that will inform the timing and level of an investment to make.

Who is running the show?

Business Fundamental Analysis

A good product can be hampered with bad management and marketing. The fundamentals of a business are more important to us than the promise of groundbreaking technology. ITMF assesses the intrinsic value of an asset by looking at key numbers and economic indicators. In doing so, ITMF will be able to identify fundamentally strong assets and fundamentally weak assets that for example, may be running low on funding after overspending their ICO funds.

What does the technology serve?

Technology Fundamental Analysis

ITMF specializes in high-tech investments, and our technology analysts understand in deep detail the underlying technological concepts, their potential applications, and the defensibility against competing or existing technologies. ITMF has years of startup and business experience that will determine the viability of the technology that may affect the future of businesses.

When is the right time to invest?

Market Technical Analysis

Markets follow trends and are seasonal. They may also be highly correlated to other markets. When one market is feeling bearish, another market may be bullish. Cryptocurrencies have started to shown signs of seasonality and correlation with stock, forex, and commodities market. All ITMF Funds will actively monitor seasonality and correlation patterns including individual technical analysis to answer the question of "When is the best time to enter or exit the market?".

Where is big money going?

Institutional Technical Analysis

An extension of trend following, but specific to institutional money and its movement across different assets and markets. By keeping track of the movement of big money, ITMF will have greater insight into the true state of market conditions and will be able to make more accurate forecasts of future trends and movements.

Why this decision worked or didn't

Operational Analysis

Not all trades will be positive, and ITMF actively reviews its past performances, from every trade, operational process and technology that led to the outcome to understand why and what it takes to evolve and improve our performance.

How are people reacting to news?

Sentiment Analysis

Markets can react positively or negatively to a wide range of news and events. From international to local, financial or governmental, ITMF will leverage on machine learning techniques to analyze public sentiment on top of ITMF's experience to inform how news and its distribution can impact the markets.