Creating a global currency

ITMF focuses on value-adding crypto-payments to commerce partners as a business model instead of depending on transaction fees as a source of revenue.

This shift of focus allows ITCO to adopt benefits from both fiat and crypto and positions ITCO well suited to become a global currency.

Table of Contents

Monetization Structure
Commerce Fundholder
Branded Rewards Program
Consumer Lending

Monetization Structure

Where revenue is generated from

Transfers and payments have no network transaction fees. This free arranagement allows global transfers, remittance, and payments to happen without any charge and reduces overhead expenses for third-party payment processors and other services. It should be said that while ITCO does not charge a transaction fee for its network, ITMF and third-party services can charge a service fee for use of products and services.

ITMF further believes that network fees are a sociological and economical deterrent to attracting market adoption of cryptocurrencies that adds a layer of complexity that otherwise can be managed through a free and fair dealing business model by ITMF through its value ecosystem.

Commerce Fundholder

Commerce businesses will be able to create ITMF Commerce Fundholder Accounts. As an ITMF Commerce Fundholder, you will be able to make small and frequent deposits to your fundholder account. This arrangement allows you to incrementally grow your capital directly from the payments received from your customers.

Make use of unused capital

ITMF Funds for commerce businesses gives utility to otherwise unutilized capital

Flexible Growth

Incremental fund deposits allow businesses to passively grow wealth at a faster rate than ever

Branded Rewards Program

ITMF Commerce Fundholders can also use their portfolio to create their very own branded rewards program for their customers. This allows ITMF Commerce Fundholders to leverage the growth from the portfolio to support the tried and true rewards program methodology to retain customer loyalty.

Lower cost of rewards program

Flexible allocation of your portfolio to finance the rewards program to drive customer loyalty gives you greater control over capital

Branded and Managed

Branded Rewards Program will have a portal for users to collect their rewards and ITMF will manage the distribution for you

Consumer Lending via ITMF Social Lending Platform

ITMF has planned in its roadmap to create a social lending platform as part of its vision to transform into a fully fledged bank. By allowing social lending to take place on the ITCO network, ITMF is able to capitalize on the data and insight to generate revenue through its own lending as well as from the social lending platform.

As a result of the social lending platform, ITMF will also be able to co-lend with lenders on the social lending platform to facilitate consumer-based lending on the ITCO network. This creates a unique paradigm that allows lenders to partner with ITMF to incentivize and benefit consumers and merchants to adopt ITCO as a viable payment option that competently competes against traditional payment options, while rewarding lenders at the same time.

Consumer lending allows consumers to structure payments in installments or create plans of larger purchases over a period of time. For example, the furnishing of a new apartment or the purchasing of a new tech gadget like an iPhone or a new notebook.

Consumer Lending Allows Consumer Credit

Consumers and merchants will be able to benefit from crypto-currency based credit which encourages larger purchases to be structured into smaller amounts over a period of time

Co-lending with ITMF

Through the social (P2P) lending platform, lenders will be able to partner with ITMF to co-lend (co-finance) consumer loans and earn shared interest and revenue through loan repayments