You are a Tech Investor. You want to invest in the future of technology. You've surveyed the crypto-landscape and know how it works, but a few issues surface...

you find these problems_

You have no say

Most cryptocurrencies don't give you any protection or rights to your investment. If the cryptocurrency goes to zero, so does your investment.

There's too many

There are over 1,600 cryptocurrencies in the market, all of them with their own roadmap and status. Keeping up requires a full team to monitor and manage.

More speculative than utility

Most cryptocurrencies are speculative due to several factors that dilute value like emissions schedule and network fees.

what we offer_

You own a crypto-security

ITCO is a crypto-security with the same shareholding rights as shares of a public company. You get to vote on certain corporate matters and typical benefits like dividends and issuance rights.

We manage your crypto-investments

ITMF fund management lets you buy a basket of cryptocurrencies that we will monitor and manage on your behalf. Your crypto-investment grows while you sleep.

Less speculation, more stability

ITCO has zero network transaction fees, which mimics free inter-bank transfers on a global scale and no emission schedule, just like public shares.

wait there's more_

A plan for currency adoption

ITMF has a strategy to grow ITCO by focusing on commerce businesses through ITMF funds and a rewards program for their customers.

Crypto-wealth for everyone

ITMF fund + commerce businesses + rewards program gives access to everyone, including students to save money and grow wealth early at lower barriers.

A future vision

ITMF also has a vision for the future, which includes banking the unbanked of the world and creating a platform for social lending through the ITCO network.